WST + SIR Bridge Workshop – FREE

Join us 12pm-4pm January 15th-19th, 2024 for our inaugural Bridging Workshop
Bringing Musical Theatre, Opera, and Classical Performance together.

This workshop is open to artists who are looking to expand their skills, make new connections, and gain the confidence to audition for companies outside their comfort zone.

To submit for a spot please email SPACE IS LIMITED
Include: Resume, and a brief letter discussing where you are at as a performer and why you would like to participate in this Bridging Workshop.


The week will be led by Shakespeare In The Ruins Artistic Director Rodrigo Beilfuss, and Stratford Festival Veteran and Playwright Jessica B. Hill


  Rodrigo Beilfuss & Jessica B. Hill The Comedy of Errors – Stratford 2018

A Message from Rodrigo Beilfuss

“Legitimacy: re-claiming Shakespeare for you” / a manifesto, of sorts…All of Shakespeare’s characters suffer from one single illness: imagination
Ron Daniels

…if that sounds very technical, is because it is. Classical acting wouldn’t be a craft if there weren’t disciplines involved. The art is to hide the technique; to marry application, with inspiration. And to balance concentration with relaxation
Greg Doran

After years of being a “sponge”, absorbing many theories, styles, approaches and insights about Shakespeare’s theatre – from my years at LAMDA and Stratford, to over 6 months of intense online training with Brit-Brazilian legend Ron Daniels of the RSC over the pandemic – I am finally, for the first time ever, putting into practice all the experience I have gained into my own voice. I feel ready to share.

Informed by all those great voices from my past, this moment in time is the most comfortable I have ever felt about developing and sharing my own approach to Shakespeare.

I came to Shakespeare as an outsider. As a Latin American immigrant with very little English, I had no legitimate claim to the world of Anglo Classical Theatre. And yet, it was through Shakespeare that I found my own voice – my authenticity. When we were introduced to Hamlet in my Grade 12 class 2 decades ago, everyone was suddenly confused by the English language, not just me.

Shakespeare’s complexity was, ironically, a great ‘cultural unifier’ for me; and he continues to be a passport through my life. He demystified language for me, showing me that words are as expansive as our imaginations; they contain incredible soundscapes and landscapes, where rhythm becomes meaning, and meaning becomes rhythm.

It is with that idea in mind – of remaining true to yourself while navigating great complexity of language, and embracing ‘not knowing’ – that I propose we approach Shakespeare in a fresh and immediate way. The goal is to make the text sound like you; making Shakespeare a true reflection of yourself, in your natural voice and ‘style’ – we must challenge who “owns” Shakespeare, always. His plays are all about self-discovery, and what better way to crack his language anew than to reclaim it for yourself?!

Let’s dive in.


The Dark Lady – Written and Performed by Jessica B. Hill, Directed by Rodrigo Beifuss. SIR 2023