Congratulations to all our StudioWorks members who were participants in this year’s Winnipeg Music Festival. We really cleaned up!
Josh Bellan & Grace Budoloski were finalists for the Gilbert & Sullivan Society Trophy; Ben McIntyre Ridd was a finalist for the Rainbow Stage Trophy; Chase Winnicky was runner-up for the Rainbow Stage Trophy.
Tiana Beaudry, Hannah Wigglesworth & Chase Winnicky won the Winnipeg Music Festival Scholarship for best trio or ensemble in the Musical Theatre division.
The StudioWorks Youth Ensemble and Adults Only Ensemble received Gold for their performances. Ben McIntyre Ridd & Josh Bellan  placed 1st in their class and won Gold for their duet: “Together Again”
The Adults were invited to perform “Cantata for a First Date” as featured entertainment at the trophy class as were Amelie Pelletier-Lavack, Emma Shibou-Savoie & Katrine Marcoux  who performed “Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now” (1st place- Gold Award)
Way to go everyone!!!