Past Productions

July 2010 – Winnipeg Fringe Festival

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

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with Debbie Maslowsky, Donna Fletcher, Jennifer Lyon and Jan Skene

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Spring Awakening

With Samantha Hill and Jeremy Walmsley

November 24 – December 4, 2011 – Tom Hendly Warehouse Theatre

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Altar Boyz

With Michael Lyons, Marc Devigne, Jeremy Walmsley, Joseph Sevillo and Simon Miron

February 22 – March 11, 2012 – Prairie Theatre Exchange

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My Mother’s Lesbian Jewish Wiccan Wedding

by David Hein and Irene Sankoff

May 10 – May 22, 2012 – Tom Hendry Warehouse Theatre

With Jackie Kurceba, Kami Diesilets, Scott Peterson, Rosemary Doyle, Annabel Kershaw, John Bluethner, Stephanie Sy and Adam Hurtig

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Nov. 21-25, 2012

Ordinary Days – a co-production with Toronto’s Angelwalk Theatre

With Clara Scott, Jay Davis, Connie Manfredi and Justin Bott

May 2-12, 2013

Rooms: A Rock Romance

With Stephi D and Tim Porter

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Villains and Vixens Cabaret – Nov. 9, 2013.

With Reanna Joseph, Paula Potoski, David Fox, Brenda Gorlick, Haley Vincent, Julie Lumsden and Heather Madill

The evening launched the recently created KG Emerging Artist Scholarship fund and honoured Brenda Gorlick, one of Winnipeg’s most prolific director/choreographers.

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Avenue Q

April 3-13, 2014 Featuring Darren Martens, Dorothy Carroll, Aaron Pridham, Jeremy Koz, Lisa Bell, Aaron Hutton, Paula Potosky and Andrea Macasaet

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July 16 – 27, 2014

With Jacqueline Harding, Haley Vincent, Robert Piche, Adrian Pechold, Sam Plett, Emma Stefanchuck and Jennifer Garcia

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Young Frankenstein – The All-Dentist Musical

April 9-12, 2015

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From Broadway to Obscurity with Eric Gutman

July 13 – 26, 2015

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Heathers, the Musical

March 31 – April 10, 2015

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With Julie Lumsden, Mathew Fletcher, Brittany Hunter, Andrea Macasaet, Jenna Hill, Katherine Krueger, Cory Wojcik, Jillian Willems, Darren Martens, Robert Piche, Simon Miron, Wes Rambo, David Fox, Anthony Ferens, Tyler Leighton, Jennifer Garcia, Liz Whitbread. Emma Stefanchuk

American Idiot

Feb. 23 – March 5.

With Josh Bellan, Michael Cox, Alyssa Crockett, Colleen Furlan, Katie German, Jacqueline Harding, Toby Hughes, Brittany Hunter, Elliot Lazar, Darren Martens, Jana Morrison. Wes Rambo. Joseph Sevillo, Stephanie Sy

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School of Rock

May 224 – 27, 2018

With Abby Langstaff, Allie Omichinski , Alma Sawatzky, Alyssa Crockett, Bailey Peterson, Bronwyn Smyth, Christine Leslie, Dario Knezic, Emma Shibou-Savoie, Dylan Hatcher, Emma Welham, Grace Willmer, Hillery Pham, Hunter Watson, Kamal Chioua, Katie Bloom, Mackenzie Wojcik, Mckenna Bateman, Molly Helmer Nick Xidos, Nina Zigic, Rhiann Duncan, Samantha Hutchings, Solomon Kirby, Songmin Lee, Victoria Brimble, Wendy Ferguson, Zoe Gagnon 

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